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Michael Alexander

Michael is an award winning speaker with over 25 years of public speaking experience. His speeches, like his testimony on the witness stand are rich with humor and insight. His presentations are based on “Free-range” thinking, a unique problem solving technique which can be applied to virtually any problem from engineering to marketing, from technology to religion, to human resources to family issues, from motivational speaking to social issues. Michael is available to provide M.C. services, keynote speeches, educational and entertaining talks for all occasions, and training for people who want to speak and communicate better, or just understand the world a little more.

David Flores

David has had a phenomenal run in Toastmasters, most recently achieving the position of District 100 Director for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters fiscal year.  Prior to that, he has been very active in Toastmasters as a Club Mentor, Club Officer, District Chief Judge, this year’s District 100 Program Quality Director and as a competitor.  He is a past winner of the Founder’s District Evaluations and Table Topics contest, respectively.  He is a subject matter expert in how to overcome the fear of public speaking.  Professionally, he is a football coach and has been for the past 20 years as well as being a professional motivator.  Prior to that, he spent 45 years in the Aerospace Manufacturing industry.

Steve Itzkowitz

Steve joined Toastmasters in 2012 thinking he would practice a few speeches and then move on to something else.  Instead, 39 manual speeches and numerous leadership positions and projects later, he is on the verge of becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster.  He is a past area director, division director, the voice of Founder’s District as the current News Blitz Anchor of Founder’s District TV (, the 2018-19 District 100 Speakers’ Bureau Public Relations Manager, two-time Club President, a Qualified Speaker for the District 100 and Founder’s District Speakers’ Bureau, respectively and Founder’s District Copywriter.  Steve is a Chrohn’s Disease survivor & a subject matter expert in how to turn adversity into an ally, how to cope with an incurable disease, sports, personal transportation and persuasive public communication.  In his spare time, Steve is a foodie who enjoys traveling, sports, reading and writing, podcasting, networking and volunteering.

2019 Karen Marie Lucas.jpg
Karen Lucas

Karen Marie Lucas is Chief Operations Officer of Ashlar Industries.  She is the third generation of the family business focused on delivering infrastructure security and resilience and response assessment to corporate, governmental, and non-profit entities.  She also provides performance coaching, leadership development and personal empowerment training to private clients.  She previously worked for ten years at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California, where Karen polished her aptitude working with risk management, project and fiscal management. As a Chemical Engineering Department Administrator, she was accustomed to the daily experience of working in unique, multicultural environments supporting some of the most innovative researchers hailing from 30+ countries on the planet.  She can work with you to manufacture greatness! 

Mark J Lucas June 2018 20 year Caltech A
Mark Lucas

A twenty-two year veteran of Microsoft Windows security and administration at a Caltech, and an eight year member of Toastmasters, Mark has developed a unique communication style to bring the confusing world of the internet into a clear perspective.  Whether you are a business executive looking to review your current industry security profile or a parent group looking for the best advice on protecting children, Mark has tools and techniques for you.  He has consulted for architecture and financial firms, independent primary and secondary schools and Zewail City in Giza, Egypt.  As a team leader, he was instrumental in the implementation of Office 365 for 10,000 students, faculty, and staff.  Mark's goal when working with your team is to find solutions to your operational and security issues so that your staff is empowered to work efficiently and confidently toward your company's objectives.

2021 Charlotte Naugle PIC.jpg
Charlotte Naugle

Dr. Naugle taught grade school, was an elementary, middle school, and high school principal for a total of 26 years and earned a Ph.D  in Conflict Management & Peace Studies at the University of Exxex, England in 2002.  Her expertise is training the trainer to effectively teach others.

Linda O'Neil.jpeg
Linda O'Neil

Linda O'Neil is a leader in Toastmasters, an IT professional, plus a volunteer leader with American Cancer Society's Relay For Life and Bark For Life events. She understands the role motivation plays in all her endeavors for both herself and those she leads and mentors.  Linda will take you on a journey about the power and benefits of special bonds to help you discover your own power.  Admit it... We developers tend to communicate in tech-speak.  Techies can be good communicators, too!  It's fun to learn not only new tech skills but communication skills as well.  Effective communication is an important soft skill for your current and future positions.  We need effective communication, not miscommunication.  Linda is ready to help you become the effective communicator who can jump-start your career!

Michael Osur

Michael Osur, MBA is the Assistant Director/Chief Health Strategist for the County of Riverside Department of Public Health, and has been in leadership roles for over 30 years. He is responsible for leading the Community Health Division, which includes the Healthy Riverside County Initiative, HIV/AIDS, WIC/Nutrition, Tobacco Control, Nutrition Services, Injury Prevention Services, Epidemiology, and the Community Action Partnership.  He oversees more than 350 staff with a combined budget of over $50 million.  During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Michael leads the Riverside County Medical/Health response, overseeing testing, case investigation and contact tracing.  

Michael is an active member of Toastmasters International. In 2013-2014 he served as the District 12 Director (covering all of the Inland Empire, California) when he was recognized as a “distinguished” director. From 2016-2018, Michael served as one of 14 directors on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors and has achieved his Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest achievement in Toastmasters.  Michael is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at Loma Linda University, School of Allied Health, the University of La Verne, College of Business and Public Management and the Claremont Graduate University, School of Community and Global Health.

Deepak Sangani

Deepak is a Yoga teacher and personal development trainer in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disciplines.  Deepak is also a Public Speaker and active Toastmaster as a current Area Director and Qualified Speaker. He has carried the message of the benefits of Yoga practice to everyone interested , especially to professionals, individuals, groups at Gym, Corporates staff & the LA county-staff….He has trained-cured- people for stuttering speech problem-through breathing exercise and Voice modulation techniques. He has also taught- Public speaking and Leadership. Deepak Sangani will share with you his philosophy for a happy life and give you a toll to use to begin improving your life.

Richard Snyder

Richard is a Toastmasters success story in that the Toastmasters program played an integral role in helping out his career as a teacher.  He is a subject matter expert in organizational leadership, teaching English as a second language to adults and what to do when opportunity knocks.  Richard has spoken to audiences of over 1,000 people in places like Washington, D.C. & Phoenix.  He has spoken to numerous service clubs including Kiwanis, Rotary, Soroptomists, the Daughters of the American Revolution & University Club.  In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, sports, classical literature, movies and music, especially big band/ swing music, and singing.  He has sung with Pomona College and the Claremont Chorale.

Glenn Yasukochi

Glenn is a long-time, accomplished Toastmaster, who received his DTM designation in 2012 and Qualified Speaker designation in 2017.  He’s served in all 7 club officer positions and has been a 2-time district officer.  He has also competed in 17 area contests and 3 division contests.  Professionally, he owns a practice in retirement planning after obtaining the Certified Planner designation in 1987 and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation in 2011 from the College of Financial Planning.