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Become a District 100 Qualified Speaker

Qualified Speaker is the highest speaking designation that a District can bestow on a member for a professional length speech of 25-45 minutes.  The mission of the District 100 Speakers Bureau is to promote Toastmasters to the community at large while encouraging and supporting members in attaining professional speaking skills.  A Qualified Speaker is a member of the Speakers Bureau Committee and expected to speak on behalf of the District when asked (as schedules permit) and represent the District and Toastmasters International policies and goals.

Requirements for Becoming
a Qualified Speaker with the
District 100 Speakers’ Bureau

  • A member in good standing in a club in District 100.

  • Awarded a Competent Communicator or a Level 2 in Pathways by the time the candidate gives their Qualifying Speech.

  • In attendance of at least five District 100 Speakers Bureau events.  The five sessions can be a combination of Speakers Bureau Meetings and Learn Lab Qualified Speaker Workshop Sessions.  At least three sessions must be a Speakers Bureau Meeting.

  • Prepare to give a 25-45 minute speech on any subject of the candidate's choice. (Typically a professional speech which would be given to audiences outside of the Toastmasters environment for pay.)

  • The Qualified Speaker Candidate will be assigned to a Qualified Speaker Mentor to assist with the creation and refinement of the speech.  The candidate has the right to request a specific mentor and/or request reassignment to a different mentor.


How to Qualify


  • The candidate will provide a short bio, headshot, title of your speech, introduction, brief description of the speech, the expected length of the speech, and intended audience to the mentor and Speakers Bureau Chair by the 15th of the month prior to the qualifying speech.

  • The candidate is responsible for arranging any of the following requirements.  If any of these request are made of the Speakers Bureau Chair, the requests shall be made by the 15th of the month prior to the qualifying speech.  The Bureau is under no obligation to honor any request made after the 15th.

    • Audio/Visual equipment

    • Microphones/speakers

    • Accommodations for any disabilities or special needs

    • Accommodations for any language translations or restrictions

  • When the candidate is deemed ready by the mentor, the Qualified Speaker Mentor notifies Bureau Chair by the 20th of the month prior to the scheduled meeting.

  • If the candidate wishes to have a timer it is their sole responsibility to find one.  The Bureau does not provide timers based on the assumption that in a professional speech, it is the speaker’s responsibility to maintain their own time limits.

  • Candidates will be notified of their status by phone by the Bureau Chair (or their designate) the day following their Qualifying Speech.

  • Qualified Speaker Judge discussions (if they occur) are only shared with Qualified Speakers eligible to be in the discussion.

    • Note that the discussion occurs after the judges’ independent scoring is cast and shall not alter the individual judges’ scores.  Discussion is intended to educate, develop and mentor the existing Qualified Speakers. 

Maintaining Active Membership in the Bureau

  • Qualified Speakers must maintain membership in at least one club in District 100

    • A Qualified Speaker leaving all District 100 clubs will remain a Speaker in good standing until the next payment cycle or the end of the Toastmasters program year, which ever comes first.

    • If they become a member in good standing in District 100 in the future, then their District 100 Qualified Speaker active status is restored.

  • Inactive Qualified Speakers may not:

    • Vote on or provide feedback to Qualified Speaker Candidates.

    • Participate in committee meetings or discussions regarding Speakers Bureau procedures or plans.

    • Be offered speaking engagements within or outside of Toastmasters.

Responsibilities of the Speakers Bureau Chair and Qualified Speakers


  • The primary purpose of the Speakers Bureau Committee is to qualify speakers to speak on behalf of the District in both Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters forums.  This is done through the qualification of professional level speeches that indicate the level of speaking excellence required to provide service to all members with the utmost integrity of the Toastmasters educational program, governing documents, and core values.

  • The Chair shall obtain permission from any Qualified Speakers or candidates before posting any photos or videos in a public forum.

  • The Chair shall maintain confidentiality of all voting tally sheets and destroy them in a secure manner after they are tallied, similar to the procedures followed by Speech Contest Chief Judges.  

  • No Qualified Speaker or Chair shall ever disclose the voting record or private comments of another Qualified Speaker.

  • The Qualified Speakers are expected to provide professional feedback to all candidates in the public forum of the Bureau.  Should there be a sensitive matter to discuss with the candidate, the matter should be addressed in a private setting outside of the Speakers Bureau meeting. Qualified Speakers and candidates should handle unsolicited feedback from any attendee using strategies consistent with our Toastmasters Core Values and professional standards. 

  • Qualified Speakers should make themselves available to speak at Toastmasters clubs, other community service organizations, and paid venues as frequently as their schedule permits.  

    • The Speakers Bureau Chair has the right to designate a Qualified Speaker as inactive if a) an unreasonable number of speaking engagement offers are accepted yet unattended, b) if a Qualified Speaker demonstrates conduct or actions contrary to the Toastmasters Accredited Speaker Code of Conduct.  This decision shall be made in consultation with the District Director and at least 3 other active Qualified Speakers.

  • Qualified Speakers should always present themselves in a professional manner and always briefly acknowledge the growth they have received from Toastmasters when speaking professionally.

  • District 100 Qualified Speaker criteria and philosophy is modeled after the Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Program.  All District 100 Speakers Bureau members are encouraged to review the Accredited Speaker Handbook and consider applying for this award.

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