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Join us February 6, 2021

Keynote:  Randy Powell
Magic of Purpose


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Randy’s keynote is based on the premise that personal and professional success doesn’t have to elude anyone and that you can enjoy greater success when you learn how to become an Extraordinary Performer. History has shown that ‘Extraordinary Performers’ become more, do more, get more out of life, achieve greater success, and they usually increase the value of the organizations they represent!

If you want to create high-performing teams that love showing up and making a remarkable difference and create a greater impact on how things get done, this is the place to start! Randy delivers his keynote presentations with Power, Passion, and Stage Presence!


He possesses an incredible ability to connect with audiences from all backgrounds and disciplines. Randy connects and speaks from the heart, in his own authentic manner and feels his mission is solely focused on helping people and the organizations they represent, become extraordinary!

Whether you’re looking to grow your organization, improve its performance or achieve higher levels of success, how you put it all together is critical to achieving your goals.

Following Randy Powell, Qualified Speaker Sharif Ahmed will bring us part two of his qualifying speech on the opportunities Bitcoin has given us.

Sharif is an accountant by day and Bitcoin researcher and investor by night.  An entertaining and passionate speaker, he will have you laughing while learning the current status of the Bitcoin market.

March 6:  Barbara Khozam

Accredited Speaker - Customer Service Excellence

April 3:  Magnus Jasson

Past International Director - Personal Leadership

May 1: Mark LaVergne
Past International Director - Toastmasters, Then & Now

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Linda O'Neil

Linda O'Neil is a leader in Toastmasters, an IT professional, plus a volunteer leader with American Cancer Society's Relay For Life and Bark For Life events. She understands the role motivation plays in all her endeavors for both herself and those she leads and mentors.  

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